Music in tv shows: how to find it

A placement on a tv show always means visibility to musicians. This visibility, somehow, lasts also after the show has been aired. In fact someone keeps track of all music placements in tv programme.

Heard on tv has a huge database of songs featured in tv shows and movies. It can be browsed by “artist”, “tv shows”, “movies”. In association with each song you will also find the links to purchase and stream the track.

TuneFind aims to collect information regarding music featured  in movies and in all episodes of the most popular tv series. It is based on a community, which is asked to add information. The website is very well structured but the database is not complete yet. Each series has a page, containing  all information about the project, including the name of the music supervisor.

Tv Show Music is a very essential but also complete website, containing information on music included in the most popular tv series. Each song is associated with the description of the scenes that includes it.






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