Sync sessions 2014 at Midem

Midem, the most important fair for the music industry, offers some great opportunities to those who whish to have their music placed in a video project.

Through “Sync sessions 2014” it is possible to submit music, have it heard by influential music supervisor and, maybe, selected for commercials. This competition was made possible by partnership agreement that Midem signed with food company Grey Group and advertising agency Ogilvy.
Grey Group offers to Midem participants the possibility to have their music placed in a 30 or 15 seconds spot for the food brand Olive Garden. They are looking for a music track that express the joy of togetherness. Tracks can have an italian inspired instrumentation but it is not required. Both lyrics and instrumental are accepted. Music must be forward looking and not inspired by the past.  The term to submit music tracks is 27th of January 2014. The top selected track will be announced on February 4th at 3.00 pm.

Ogilvy is looking for music for Philips web platform. They look for tracks that refers to city in the world. Ogilvy Sync Session will take place on February 1st at 4.00 pm


Best events for music supervisors

For a music supervisor it is crucial to connect with other professionals and to get updated about the last news in the entertainment industry. Specialized events are certainly a good occasion.

Here’s the ones you would not want to miss:

Sync Summit NY and Sync Summit Hollywood : Those events are aimed to allow music supervisor, rightholders and service providers to connect. The agenda includes lectures about the creative and the economic aspects of syncs, showcases and awards. They are organized by the music rights service company Sync Exchange. Sync Summit New York takes place in june, while Sync Summit Hollywood is in december.

AIM Sync Licensing Conference : This annual one-day masterclass takes place in London in February and it is entirely dedicated to music licensing. It includes discussion panels with sync experts working in TV, movies, commercials. It is organized by AIM (Association of Independent Music). For music supervisor it is a good opportunity to get visibility and meet rightholders.

Guild of Music Supervisors Awards : It is very prestigious to win an Award during this event, and also to be nominated. There are different categories for the Awards, such as  Independent Films, Studio Films, Trailers, Reality and Live Television, Television, Tv Long Form, Studio Television and Games.

 Music + Sound Awards : This is a global award dedicated to music and sound for creative media. It has two sections: International Awards (taking place in Cannes) and Uk Awards. It is not only open to music supervisors but also to everyone who is involved in the production of visual media. Categories of the Awards are: Tv Advertising, Cinema Advertising, Non-Broadcast or Viral Advertising, Trailers and Promos, Titles and Branding, Film Soundtracks, Tv Soundtracks, Gaming.


Music+Sound Awards 2013 – The winners

Music+Sound Awards is dedicated to the best music placements in visual media.

The winners of the 2013 International edition have been chosen and can be seen on the Awards website .

The three main categories are Best Original Composition, Best Sound Design, Best Use of Existing Music. Each one has different section, regarding the various media: film, tv, games, commercials.

Our favourite match between music and sound is this commercial by Nike, featuring the track “Run Boy Run” by emerging genius Woodkid

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