Workshops about Music Sync at the Future Music Forum

The 4th edition of the Future Music Forum, event dedicated to music business and innovation will take place on 13th and 14th semprember 2013. It will also host workshops concerning several themes, from digital distribution to mobile industry.

Some workshops will also concern synchronizations.

Tickets can be bought on the event website

The perfect brief: how to describe the music you need

Providing an accurate description of the music you need can help a lot pitching the right song. A good brief will encourage your contacts to submit only the tracks that respond to your requests, and not all kind of stuff they have in catalogue, from black metal to country music.

Music providers might need:

Music genre: sometimes genres overlap and the differences between them are not so neat, but this is not a good reason for an unprecise use of the definitions. Then, be sure that the word you are using fits the type of song that you are looking for. Also, don’t invent definitions. If the name of the genres don’t fit the idea you have in mind, don’t mix them, like “afro-funk-beat”, just add more information regarding mood and instruments.

Instruments: instruments can help if you don’t have an exact idea of the music genre. To tell if you want a vocal or instrumental track it is also important.

Mood: provide the sensation you would like the music to evoke. Focus on the track, not on the scene. For example, a lullaby in a horror movie can cause a creepy feeling, but to get what you want you would have to write “chilldish mood” better than “creepy mood”.

Tempo: you can give information regarding the tempo both by writing descriptions (slow, fast, mid-tempo etc) or providing the bpm.

Style: describe what kind of scene you are working on. A love scene, a chase, a ball, an epic battle. This will help your providers to imagine the music in association with the images.

Synopsis: you can also help providing a short abstract of the scene, indicating how the song will be used (background music, sung by actors etc.).

Sound like: it is very useful to provide an example, a song that you heard and that could work very well with the scene.

Deadline: often it happens to have a last minute request. It is important to specify how much time people have to submit music, in order to collect all material before the day the production need it.

Budget: tell how much money you can spend for the track, so that your providers are already prepared to exclude too expensive ones. Otherwise  you might risk to find the perfect song and then discover that you can’t afford it.



Music in tv shows: how to find it

A placement on a tv show always means visibility to musicians. This visibility, somehow, lasts also after the show has been aired. In fact someone keeps track of all music placements in tv programme.

Heard on tv has a huge database of songs featured in tv shows and movies. It can be browsed by “artist”, “tv shows”, “movies”. In association with each song you will also find the links to purchase and stream the track.

TuneFind aims to collect information regarding music featured  in movies and in all episodes of the most popular tv series. It is based on a community, which is asked to add information. The website is very well structured but the database is not complete yet. Each series has a page, containing  all information about the project, including the name of the music supervisor.

Tv Show Music is a very essential but also complete website, containing information on music included in the most popular tv series. Each song is associated with the description of the scenes that includes it.






Interview with Lina Wertmuller: Music and images

Acknowledged director Lina Wertmuller answers to questions regarding the relationship between sound and image in movies.

The original video, with italian audio, can be seen here

This is the translation:

LW: “My relationship with the music is very long and deep, because music is the soul of everything. I repeat, it is the soul of everything: people, objects, nature.

Won’t you say that music is the nature of the wind?

Won’t you say that music is the nature of a possible God?

It seems the beginning of Twelfh Night by Shakespeare (that you obviously don’t remember) . It starts with a line of Duca Orsino, who says:

If music be the food of love, play on;
Give me excess of it, that, surfeiting,
The appetite may sicken, and so die.

What does it mean? It means that Shakespeare starts with the idea that music is the food of love. And since love moves sky and stars, as the other genius says, you understand that..”

INT: Have you ever thought of becoming a musician?

LW: “I composed thousands of tracks!! Yes. I had the fortune to work with so many who were better than me, so I didn’t continue. There was Lilli Greco, for example. Good friend of mine who worked with music all his life. Three of them said that I was talented as a musician: Lilli Greco, Paolo Conte, Enrico Job”

INT: Your first movie had a soundtrack by Ennio Morricone…

LW: “Better than a kick in the teeth…”

INT: I read in an interview that you said that Nino Rota apreciated my capacity to be fast at writing lyrics

LW: ” I had a beautiful relationship with Nino Rota. Have you ever met him?”


LW: “Too bad. He was an angel. He surely had those wings that only someone could see. Fellini used to say this”

INT: Speaking about Fellini, what is the magic that these people were able to create?

LW: “Some directors are strongly connected with the music. Federico were with Nino when he composed and used to whistle in his ears. I used to stay with Nino and  press the black keys. I was lucky because I had the pleasure to work with Nino, Bacalov and Lilli. He was my contact with the authors of RCA. He was a great author himself, but since he was a gentleman he gave his compositions to others.”

INT: Can you tell us about your passion for singing?

LW: “I have none. When I had to explain things to the actors, I used to record some musical works. It was a guide for them. I never thought to become a singer. I have no voice. But being a director, I am also an actress, and every real actor can sing. Like any singer can play”